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Centre for the Public Understanding of Probability (CPUP)

The Centre for the Public Understanding of Probability (CPUP) exists to improve public understanding and awareness of the way in which probability is used, interpreted and disseminated in popular discussion and policy debate. The Centre also exists to explain to a diverse audience the tools and applications of probability, as well as ideas rooted in probability, choice, and reason.

The book, ‘Probability, Choice, and Reason’, published by Chapman & Hall/CRC, is a key resource.

The Centre has its own YouTube channel.

It also has its own Podcast channel.

The Director of the Centre is Professor Leighton Vaughan Williams.

Leighton Vaughan Williams, BSc (Econ), PhD, FHEA, is Professor of Economics and Finance at Nottingham Business School, as well as Director of the Betting Research Unit and of the Political Forecasting Unit. He is also Director of the Centre for the Public Understanding of Probability. Leighton has researched and published extensively in the areas of probability, risk, and choice under uncertainty, and given expert witness evidence before national and international courts of law and select committees of the House of Commons and House of Lords. He has also served as a senior adviser to UK Government departments, and teaches undergraduates and postgraduates how to apply Bayesian methods, and the tools of probability and statistics, to real-world problems. Leighton was educated at University College, Cardiff, graduating summa cum laude, and Hertford College, Oxford University. He has also served as Visiting Professor at the Graduate School of Management, Clark University, Massachusetts, USA.

Affiliated Journals include The Journal of Prediction Markets, the Journal of Gambling Business and Economics, and Economic Issues.

Affiliated Fellowship of CPUP is awarded to distinguished academics and others who have contributed significantly to the public understanding of probability, choice, and reason.